Setting up your business in Hong Kong

Registration For You

We provide Hong Kong company registration service.
Both tailor‐made registration and shelf companies are available.

Setting up your business
in Hong Kong
People are setting up their business in Hong Kong to various extent. Some just want a company; some just want a company with bank accounts; and some want to set up a functioning office here.
We can cope with your requirements irrespective of the extent of presence you want.
We shall listen to you first before recommending how you should go ahead in setting up your business here, and in what aspects and to what extent we can help.
Advantages of using a Hong Kong company to operate your business:
  • No income tax on business and income arising outside of Hong Kong;
  • Income tax of 16.5% on profits coming from a business operation within Hong Kong;
  • No dividend tax;
  • No interest tax in most situations;
  • No capital gain tax;
  • Business income is subject to income tax only. There are no value-added tax or other levies on business income;
  • No estate duty;
  • Simple tax rules and company administration rules;
  • Low annual maintenance cost;
  • No restriction on company’s shares transfer among shareholders;
  • No residency or nationality requirements on directors and shareholders;
  • No restriction on the types of business that a Hong Kong company can participate;
  • Stability of currency and financial system – Hong Kong dollar has been officially pegged with the United States dollar at US$1.00 to HK$7.80 since the year 1983. The peg survived the Asian financial crisis. The government has no plan to change the peg in the foreseeable future;
  • World‐class financial infrastructure and sophisticated telecommunication and logistics networks in Hong Kong to support the business operation of your Hong Kong company;
  • Hong Kong is part of China but is allowed to adopt a free market economy and to retain the English common law system. To date the legal framework of Hong Kong is still very similar to that of Britain. China also gives Hong Kong many preferential treatment in her economic policies to ensure the success of “One Country Two Systems”;
  • Reasonable labor costs – The minimum wage is HK$32.50 effective on 1 May 2015;
  • A large pool of efficient and well‐educated workforce;
  • Hong Kong is among the best rankings in the world in terms of economy, infrastructure, business and industry, health and safety, and education.